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Uptown @ Farrer Condo Project Highlights

Project NameUptown @ Farrer
DeveloperPerumal Development Pte. Ltd. (a subsidiary of Low Keng Huat (Singapore) Ltd
AddressPerumal Road
Showflat LocationPerumal Road (Click here for more)
Developer Sales Hotline+6531386807
Est Indicative Selling Price RangeAbove S$ psf (Click here for more)
Tenure99 Years Leasehold
DescriptionUptown @ Farrer condo, a GLS new launch development by Perumal Development, Low Keng Huat. Set to launch in 2018, official project details like showflat appointment, price list and floor plans can be obtained at the official website https://www.uptownatfarrer.com
No of Units116 units of flat/apartment and 7 commercial units and 240 units of serviced apartments
Site area3,847.8 m2

New Launch @ Perumal Road by Low Keng Huat

Developer Low Keng Huat Limited has purchased Uptown @ Farrer Condo site after winning in a competitive bid. The Uptown @ Farrer price of S$174.08 million is equivalent to S$1,000.72 psf ppr exceeded some consultant’s projection that the bid will lie between S$800 to S$850 per square foot ppr.

The number of the 11 companies who registered their bids for Uptown @ Farrer also surpassed the expected 7-10 bidders by the consultants. China, construction Development Company, was the runners up with a bid worth S$166.7 million translating to S$958.29 psf ppr. The company was followed closely by Allgreen properties that took the third position with a bid amounting to S$161.5 million translating to S$928.4 psf ppr.

The Uptown @ Farrer was offered for public tender in late November 2016. S$161. Uptown @ Farrer site comes with a 99-year lease term under the 2nd half 2016 Government Land Sales Programme. With a size of 16,161 square metres GFA, Uptown @ Farrer could yield up to 200 units.

A key feature that makes Uptown @ Farrer site stand out is its strategic location. The site is situated just next to Farrer Park MRT station and with excellent accessibility to Pan Island Expressway and Central Expressway. The site also benefits from the nearby amenities such as Farrer Park Hospital, Mustafa Centre and City Square among others.

8 Reasons Why Residents Of Uptown @ Farrer Will Enjoy Staying Around Perumal Road Near Farrer Park Singapore

Uptown @ Farrer Near Farrer Park

When it comes to city fringe properties, Farrer Park offers some of the best near-city properties across Singapore. The upcoming Uptown @ Farrer will enable the residents to benefit from the plenty amenities within the neighbourhood. If you make Uptown @ Farrer Condo your home, you will enjoy the unlimited destinations the place has to offer such as sacred places of worship, boutiques, hotels, eateries, shops and restaurants.
Additionally, Uptown @ Farrer is situated near the CBD, with areas around Farrer Park providing excellent accessibility to different parts of Singapore. The residential area is just a few distances away from Orchard Road Shopping Belt which is a huge advantage to the future residents of Uptown @ Farrer Condo.

Some of the benefits that residents of Uptown @ Farrer Condo will enjoy include:

  1. Excellent Transportation Networks

One of the critical factors to consider when looking for an amazing residential area is its transportation system. With an excellent transport network that links the site to various regions of Singapore, Uptown @ Farrer qualifies as one of the best places you want to make your home.

The place also offers you various transportation options characterised by a large number of bus services moving throughout the area. With the established connections linking Uptown @ Farrer such as the nearby Boon Keng and Bugis MRT Stations, Lavender and less than 150metres, in fact Google is showing walking distance is only 80m to Farrer Park MRT Station, access to different parts of the island is a breeze thanks to ECP, CTE and AYE expressways plus the arterial roads in the area.

  1. Community Activities

If you are interested in participating in community activities, then Uptown @ Farrer has a place for you. This is because it is located near community centres such as Pek Kio situated a few distances away from 21 Gloucester Road. The facility enables future residents of Uptown @ Farrer to enjoy the living space with proximity to where they can spend their time doing what they love.

  1. Availability of Schools

While the schools in the neighbourhood of Uptown @ Farrer might not match those in other residential areas in terms of number. They are enough to serve the residents of Uptown @ Farrer. The variety of schools will provide the right education for your kids at all the learning levels. Apart from primary schools there are also, kindergarten, swimming schools and daycares around Uptown @ Farrer.

  1. Nearby Healthcare Facilities

The importance of living next to healthcare facilities can never be underestimated because you can’t tell when you or your family member will need urgent medical attention. If you purchase a house in Uptown @ Farrer, you can have a peace of mind knowing that you can easily access hospitals and get the medical attention you need.

Some of the healthcare facilities in the area include the Children’s and KK Women’s Hospital. They are just some few minutes drive from Uptown @ Farrer which provides you with great convenience. Even though no one wants to visit the hospital, having them around is wise.

  1. Proximity to Shopping Centres

If you like shopping, finding a place with many shops having unlimited stocks sounds good. Uptown @ Farrer condo is situated near prominent shopping centres such as Sungei Road Flea Market, Sungei Road Flea Market, Serangoon Plaza, The Verge Shopping Mall, City Square Mall and Mustafa Centre among others.

You will find anything and everything you need ranging from electronics, stationaries, racquets, branded perfumes, and cosmetics. Additionally, due to a large number of shops around the area, residents of Uptown @ Farrer will enjoy discounts on prices due to the stiff competition. This is why you need to make Uptown @ Farrer you home, and experience the good things only offered at these shopping centres.

  1. Plenty Of Restaurants And A Plethora Of Food.

Farrer Park is by far one of the most amazing places to find incredible food. The food cutting across cultures doesn’t only feel your tummy, and they are delicious. The restaurants provide you with some of the best places to spend enjoyable moments with your friend or family. There is a variety of food to try which means that you cannot miss your favourite meal on the menu.

For vegetarians living in Uptown @ Farrer, Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant just some few distances away at 19 Upper Dickson Road offers you a tasty humble vegetarian fare that you won’t forget. The authentic, fusion and mouth-watering vegetarian cuisines can be found in other residential areas across Singapore, which makes the place unique.

  1. Great Chill Out Destinations

Nothing is nourishing like refreshing your mind, body and soul by relaxing in some of the best chill-out spots. If you happen to be unconventional at heart and fun loving, make a booking in one of the rooms at the Wanderlust Hotel and enjoy some quiet, peaceful moments. The boutique hotel promises its guests exceptional experiences with its beautifully designed themes in their rooms.

For families living in Uptown @ Farrer, when not considering to jet off to other destinations away from the area, visiting this great hotel guarantees your satisfaction. Old Hen Coffee Bar situated on 88 Rangoon Road is another excellent chill out spot for residents of Uptown @ Farrer who loves coffee.

  1. Kid-Friendly Places at Farrer Park

Spending time with your family is one of the best ways of building wonderful family memories as you share the joy. With plenty of places that residents of Uptown @ Farrer can visit has a family, the area can never be disappointing to your kids. You can take your kids to the Indian Heritage Centre located at 5 Campbell Lane. The place provides you with an opportunity to trace the history of the South Asian and Indian communities living in the Southeast Asia Regions.

This great Indian Heritage Centre offers programmes, year-round exhibitions alongside activities geared towards creating public awareness and appreciating the Indian culture, arts and heritage. The iconic building houses a museum shop, small-scale museum facilities, 5 permanent galleries alongside activity and programming spaces for people visiting the centre to use.

History, Milestones, And Achievements of Low Keng Huat Limited Developer of Uptown @ Farrer

Uptown @ Farrer Perumal Road By Low Keng Huat
Low Keng Huat Limited is a construction company based in Singapore. The company was established in 1969 and has now enlarged its services to include property development, hotels and building construction alongside investments.

Today, Low Keng Huat is one of the prominent civil engineering and general building companies operating in Singapore with respect to capital employed. The company is A1 registered general building contractor, which is the highest rank under the Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority Classification. This allows the company to tender for public sectors without any limitations.

The company has extended its property development operations across Singapore and to Malaysia. Additionally, it owns and operates luxury hotels in and Ho Chi Minh City located in Vietnam and Perth (Australia) and other investment properties in China.

Over the past, the company has enjoyed enormous success in its projects. Some of the Projects completed include:

  • Mandarin Gallery
  • South Bank
  • Marina Towers
  • Twin Regency
  • Domain 21
  • Ovena Square (extension)
  • One-North Residences

Their top-notch building construction which is unmatched has earned them various awards in the industry. Some of the awards they have received for excellence in different projects include:

  • MAS Building (Certificate of Merit)
  • Islamic Centre of Singapore
  • New Tech Park
  • Duxton Hotel
  • Singapore Post Centre

Checkout here for more information about the company:

Nearby Schools to Uptown @ Farrer Residents

Uptown @ Farrer Nearby Schools
Farrer Park has top ranking schools, ranging from primary schools to even swimming schools. This means that residents of Uptown @ Farrer will benefit since they don’t have to cover long distances to access education. Although the schools might not be as many as in other residential areas, they are enough to accommodate the kids from Uptown @ Farrer Residence and its environs.

A key advantage of living in an area with schools situated nearby such as Uptown @ Farrer is that your children won’t be exhausted by the long distances. You will also reduce transportation expenses since the schools are just around the corner from your home. With the excellent connection in the area, you can even drop your kids to school in the morning as you head to work without experiencing any delays.

Some of the schools in the area include:
  • Farrer Park Primary School
  • Northlight School
  • Hong Wen School

Nearby Shopping Centers to Uptown @ Farrer Residents

Uptown @ Farrer Near City Square Mall
There are lots of benefits to enjoy when living in Uptown @ Farrer which is strategically situated allowing the residents to benefit from the neighbouring shopping centres. The centres provide the residents with all the supplies they need for living. You will hardly miss anything from the shopping centres since they are plenty offering different products.
If you make Uptown @ Farrer your home, then you will enjoy lots of benefits that you might not get when living in certain residential areas. This is why investing in such a city could be the wisest move you should make. With the proximity to shopping centres, you can stay assured that the value of your money will appreciate at remarkable interests.
Here are some of the benefits to enjoy staying at Uptown @ Farrer:

  1. Less Time Wastage

Since Uptown @ Farrer is conveniently located near the shopping centres, you won’t have to spend lots of time on the road or expenses when going to pick suppliers. This means that you will enjoy the better shopping experience with the unlimited products offered.

  1. Access to Amenities

In the shopping centres around Uptown @ Farrer, you will find various shops each unlimited offering supplies. With proximity to the shopping centres, you won’t have to worry about running out of supplies since you can get them at any time with just a few minutes walk or drive.

  1. Availability of Restaurants

Considering that most malls are equipped with restaurants and other places where residents can spend some quality time, you can never be disappointed living in Uptown @ Farrer. The delicious meals and drinks offered in the area are unmatched. With great proximity, the Resturants are one of the best chill out spots to make new friends with people staying in the neighbourhood.

Some of the Popular Malls Near Uptown @ Farrer Include:

  • City Square Mall
  • Serangoon Plaza
  • The Verge Shopping Mall
  • Mustafa Centre

Wait No More, Start Your Priority Registration Now For Uptown @ Farrer (Next To MRT)

In short, Uptown @ Farrer condo offers the future residents some of the best places to live in with impressive living space. With excellent convenience and access to various facilities in the residential area such as parks, schools, healthcare facilities, community centres, kid-friendly spots, restaurants and more the residents have lots to benefit.

If you are looking for one of the best places that will add value to your investment, then look no further than Uptown @ Farrer. Make an appointment to visit Uptown @ Farrer showflat to see how your future home will look like once completed.
 Latest Information Uptown @ Farrer Price List As At  Monday, June 27th 2022 updated, Register to receive the price list and book showflat appointment!